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Get together for a succulent time!

Ily is passionate about sharing her succulent knowledge! She enjoys teaching the ins and outs of keeping succulents alive and thriving, as well as planting them in beautiful arrangements. 

Ily offers private succulent workshops off-site at your home or place of work, and at select venues around San Diego. In her hands-on succulent arrangement crafting workshop, participants will learn how to create their own beautiful succulent arrangements. They will leave the event with their own living creation and the knowledge to care for it.

Number of participants: The minimum number of participants for a private workshop is 10 people. There is an $80 setup and clean-up fee. 

Each class takes between 1 hour to 2 hours, and the price ranges between $25 and $65 depending on the chosen project.

What participants will get:

  • Variety of succulents

  • Container for arrangement

  • Planting tools

  • Decorative elements: rocks, moss, sand

  • Instructions/care guide

Image by Scott Webb

Succulent Terrarium Workshop

$35 to $65

Includes: 3", 6", or 8" Glass bubble bowl, succulent plants, soil, sand, sphagnum moss, activated charcoal, rocks, tools for planting, decorative accents.

During this workshop, attendees will get their hands dirty putting together a beautiful terrarium, layer by layer, using a curated selection of high-quality materials, including moss, rocks, and live succulent plants.

Pick a Pot Succulent Arrangement


Includes a variety of ceramic and cement pots ranging from 4"- 8" in size, soil, succulents, moss, and decorative accents.

During this workshop, attendees will get to choose their favorite pot and create their own succulent arrangement using a variety of beautiful, high-quality succulents. 


Succulents & Macramé Workshop


Ily the Plant Lady and Kuxtal Vida Macramé will guide you thru the entire process of creating your very own beautiful succulent arrangement and macrame plant holder using a curated selection of high-quality materials.


• Ceramic or terracotta planter, tools, succulents, soil, top dressing, and decor for your arrangement. 

• All materials for your unique macrame plant holder.

• Care instructions to enjoy your creation for years to come!

Succulent Bar


A succulent bar station is set up for you and your guests to make your own mini succulent arrangement. Pick a pot, pick a plant, plant your succulent, decorate, then take it home to enjoy for years to come!


Framed Pressed Floral Art


A fun and unique opportunity to let your artsy side out! Participants will be provided with materials to create their own floral masterpieces. Which includes real pressed flowers and greenery of different shapes, sizes, and colors, a hanging metal frame, and the usage of tools. Choose between 6" or 8" frame size and gold or silver colors.

Custom Theme Succulent Party

Prices start at $45

I love creating custom arrangements and events! This workshop is for anyone who has their own DIY theme in mind. Perfect for themed parties such as, Galentine's Day, 40th Birthday, Girls Night In, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Image by Art and Soil Bangalore

Succulent Pumpkin Workshop

$35 to $75

Learn how to create the perfect living centerpiece that will last you through the holidays! Enjoy great company while you adorn a pumpkin with beautiful live succulents.

What's included: 

• Pumpkins of various colors and sizes (Fantasy and regular) 

• Variety of succulent cuttings and potted succulents

• Spanish & forest moss

• Hot glue guns & hot glue sticks or floral adhesive

• Dried flowers

• Fall-inspired/theme decorative accents 

• Aftercare instructions

Workshops: Holiday Bouquets

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