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Succulent Arrangements


Water your arrangement as soon as you receive it. When watering, you want to see water come out of the drainage hole on the bottom of the planter. That's how you know it's getting a good drink.


Contrary to popular belief, succulents need lots of sun in order to thrive. And these little beauties prefer several hours of the bright, morning sun. They can be stored inside a brightly lit room or window sill. Or outside where you get some shade in the afternoons. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent sunburn.


Wait until the soil is completely DRY before the next watering. A way to test this is by sticking a bamboo skewer stick or toothpick about an inch deep, pulling out and seeing whether or not any dirt is stuck to it or if it comes out clean (if it's dry or still somewhat moist/cool to the touch. If dry, it's time for a drink! If still a little wet, leave it alone and wait a couple of more days to water. Pull off any leaves that show signs of brown or yellowing to avoid rotting or fungus.

Care Instructions: Care Instructions

Succulent Terrariums


Keep your terrarium in bright, indirect light. Do not place the terrarium in direct sun in order to prevent overheating and possibly burning your plants. In a low-light environment, you can use a grow light bulb.


Water your succulent terrarium with a baster/pipette around the base, making sure the roots are getting a thorough drink. Avoid wetting the leaves and do not mist. Wait for the soil to completely dry out before the next watering. You can use the same soil moisture test mentioned above under the arrangement care section. :) 


Shriveled leaves indicate a lack of water. Yellowing leaves indicate over-watering. Remove any yellow or dead leaves. Most succulents can be trimmed if they outgrow the terrarium and replanted in a bigger pot. 

Care Instructions: Care Instructions

Succulent Pumpkins

After you have created your Succulent Pumpkin, wait 7 days for their first spritz of water.

That way all of  the glued succulents have settled and callused over a bit.


Get a spray bottle and fill it with distilled or spring water. When spraying, focus on thoroughly wetting the moss and base of the plants.


Wipe off any moisture collected around and on the bottom of the pumpkin.

Best to place on a trivet for good air circulation.


Only spray once a week. Do not overwater to prevent root rot and killing your plants.


If you have your pumpkin inside of your home, make sure it gets ample sunlight so the succulents will stay rosette-like and retain their vibrant colors.

Allow it to get some fresh air for about 2 hours a day in the morning.


Do not leave your succulent pumpkin in direct sun as

your succulents may burn or freckle and the pumpkin may rot.


Once you’re ready to transplant your succulents, you can carefully remove them from the top of your pumpkin and repot them in a good draining soil (Palm, Citrus, and Cactus soil - can be found at your local hardware store).


Lastly, enjoy your beautiful creation!


Best always,


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